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Max Patch Mountain Engagement Session

Near Asheville, North Carolina, Max Patch Mountain was on my bucket list for the longest time. Even only being a state over, I knew I have always wanted to go, especially for photography! The scenery, the local businesses, the small-town vibe & all the yummy foods, can you ask for better?

When I got booked for an engagement session in Asheville and announced it on my story, Chris and Amy decided to join in on the fun and do their engagement AND their elopement with me at the same time... I mean how cool is that! With them having a soft spot for mountains and sunsets I knew Max Patch Mountain was the one to knock both of these special moments out. Of course, the cool people they are agreed and the evening came for their engagement session and elopement. Again, how cool is that! It's such a gift to me that people feel they can do whatever they want with me, no rules, no judgments, let's just freakin' do it.

Where to park at Max Patch Mountain:

  • In the gravel parking lot, you'll see a sign of where the trail starts & go from there! I'd recommend parking as close as you can to the circle so you won't have to walk too far before the hike!

Sunrise vs. Sunset at Max Patch Mountain:

  • Chris & Amy's session below shows the golden hour into the sunset, if you click here you'll see their elopement which went more into the sunset + blue hour! It's amazing how light changes the feelings of photos, I live for that.

  • Sunrise at Max Patch is also beautiful depending on the day (which make sure to check the weather before) to make sure it isn't foggy or rainy, mountains can be very tricky since the elevation is so high. Here is a link to show you the times and how sunrise or sunset will be the day of!

What to know + expect about Max Patch Mountain:

  • It's about a 45 - hour drive from Asheville, so plan according to depending on what time you'd like to be there!

  • On the mountain it's about 10 to 15 degrees cooler, so pack a heavy or light jacket depending on what season you're there.

  • There are two loops to get to the top, either a 1.4 mile one straight to the top or a 2.4-mile loop! (We did the 1.4 miles and it wasn't hard at all + if you're talking to your couple, it'll be there before you know it!)

Where to stay near Max Patch Mountain:

  • When my boyfriend and I went to Max Patch, we stayed in Asheville since we knew we wanted to explore downtown, but if you're just stopping through I've attached below stays I recommend near Max Patch Mountain! Please make sure to check them out and share with me your experiences on top of this beautiful mountain.


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