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Sunset Elopement in Max Patch, North Carolina

Chris + Amy

Their elopement:

When Chris and Amy saw I was going down to Asheville, North Carolina she texted me right away about wanting to make it into a getaway for the two of them! Earlier this spring I had a chance to photograph Chris & Amy's first elopement on their "would've been" wedding day. Their elopement was where their original wedding would've been.. aka their vintage yet modern most beautiful home in Middleburg, Virginia. Then after thinking about rescheduling their bigger wedding for October they decided that they loved their May elopement (& their photos ;) ) so much they didn't need a bigger wedding after all! Since Amy wore the most stunning romper at their May elopement and not her wedding dress so she wanted a chance to wear it and what better place than on Max Patch, North Carolina! Max Patch is one of the most well-known hikes in North Carolina, it's short, accessible, and has the most incredible sunrise and sunset 360 views! We were all in awe watching the sun go down while sipping on one of Chris and Amy's favorite wine, Jess & Jules.

Something so special about Chris and Amy is that they have full trust in me and how I capture my photographs. They let me choose the location of a place we had both not been yet, a time, gave them some ideas (like a picnic with wine), and told them to meet me there. No questions asked - just full trust between them and me (aka my type of people). I mean look at the photographs that we all created on the mountainside of beautiful Max Patch Mountain in Asheville, North Carolina!

To Chris & Amy:

I can't thank you two enough for letting me capture yet another special moment for you two and I look forward to all the more special moments to come! From the moment you found me in that wedding Facebook group you've been some of my biggest supporters and that's what my job is all about - capturing the love between two kind, trusting, and authentic human beings.

Location: Max Patch Mountain

Dress: Zakaa Bride

Shoes: Comme des Garcons x converse

Jacket: Gypstitchembroidery

Suit: Jcrew

Wine: Jess & Jules


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