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Middleburg, Virginia Couples Session

Nick & Shayna

For as long as I can remember these two have been together!!! What started as high school love turned into 8 years and counting together. Their love has grown into adopting two of the cutest pups Paco & Cody, who were the absolute best the entire session.

The story is Shayna texted me a few weeks before this session and said "I need GOOD photos of Nick and I after all these years... so that starts with you!!!" then the next few weeks flew by and the day of the session was here! I told them to wear what felt most "them" as well as their location choice, which is how they decided on Shayna's parent's back yard ... & do you see this?!!

Best. Location. EVER.

(Reminder: it doesn't have to be some epic location - it can be in your backyard where real memories are made, literally)

After I was done editing their gallery I had sooo much excitement to deliver it to them!!!

Nick, being a typical guy was shocked and so appreciative about how comfortable the whole session was & Shayna ordered prints for their apartment that very same day! (Another reminder: if you invest in a photographer - invest in the high quality prints too! It'll be something you and your love ones can see everyday all over your walls.)

I could go on & on about this session... but take a look for yourself - I love it (& them), so much.


What are you waiting for?

Who’s ready to embrace being awkward, having me as the best hype woman ever, laughing at yourself & having a damn good time doing so? I would love nothing more than to be a part of one of the best days of your lives!

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