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Old town, Alexandria Engagements

These two are full of twenty first century love stories... like how they met on a rainy Friday night downtown and Cameron (a random guy at the time) lending his umbrella to Melissa OR their almost proposal in Santorini, Greece before Cameron having to come home early from deployment due to breaking his leg OR Melissa joking about how he "won't do it" to which resulted in their proposal, in sweatpants in bed. I love their stories - it makes them, them!

I would explain their almost proposal and how their proposal actually went, but I asked Melissa to describe it in her own words since I knew she could do it best.

"There was this whole plan of how we were going to get proposed in Greece while he was on deployment and it was going to be this flawless, picture perfect moment. So when he came home from deployment early with a broke leg obviously that plan went out the window. I knew the ring was in his backpack so I pulled it out and jokingly was like “you won’t do it” then he gets this little smirk and the whole spiel begins. and I start crying and laughing because everything is just happening so fast, I’m pretty sure I blacked out. then I’m like wait “did I just force my boyfriend to propose to me” but it was so real and us, we were so in love and joyful to be home with each other. so we got proposed sitting on the bed together, in our sweat pants, after not seeing each other for months. it was the best moment."

*wipes tears*

When planning for their engagement session they wanted something urban, downtown vibe like the first night they met (minus the rain, of course) which it did shortly after we wrapped up. This downtown vibe engagement session was in Old Town, Alexandria. The many cobble stone roads, brick buildings, and that European alley way type of vibes. It's beautiful and their love being captured in it reflected that even more.


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