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Washington, DC Monuments Couples Session

Tyler & Kristin

About a week before Tyler and Kristin were moving from Washington, DC down to New Orleans she messaged me on Instagram on how bummed she was her and Tyler didn’t get a couples session with me before - so guess what happened… WE MADE IT HAPPEN!

We planned the session in a few short days, figured out what spots they loved around their home in Washington, DC, and became best friends in under 2 hours. They even brought me some IPA’s and for that - I love them even more than I already thought was possible.

What made this session so special was it being in a familiar setting of mine (the Washington monuments) but being able to capture it in a whole new way. For Tyler and Kristin, it was to document where their love story in Washington, DC started (which keep reading to find out their first date story.) These two are so full of the biggest laughs and the cutest little pups - who of course, ran the show (see photos below) After taking some time around the National Mall and the Lincoln, we headed to Meridian Hill Park which is where they had their first date. It made it even more special to photograph their last few days living in Washington, DC there.

I would go into more detail about their first date story, but I’ll quote Kristin and hopefully, you laugh out loud as I did… “Our first date was at Meridian Hill Park and within the first 5 minutes of the date his dog started throwing up a piece of turkey (LOL) and he started rambling away which was incredibly embarrassing and I could tell he was so nervous." & there you have it hahaha.

Tyler and Kristin - you two rock! I can’t wait to see what all comes your way in New Orleans and I’ll be there to visit before ya know it ;)


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