• Lexi truesdale

Wedding day Playlists for The Big Day

Let's spice up the tunes to make it more you

Choosing your wedding day music can be one of the most fun parts of the planning process, but it can also be time-consuming and overwhelming. There are many factors to consider, such as what tone you want to set, what songs you want to play during special events, and what music your guests will dance ALL night long to.. but the main factor is choosing the music YOU TWO enjoy!

In order to help you with this overwhelming, yet exciting task, I've gone through and made an entire "Wedding Day" playlist for you two to take a look at! The playlists include songs for the first dance, parent dances, and those songs that will get everyone on the dance floor!

wedding day songs

I hope these playlists pave the way to planning the wedding tunes you’ve always dreamed of!

First Dance Songs: Whether you two like the romantic traditional vibes or the upbeat out of the box I've complied with a mix of both! There is no order of what songs are the best... just know these songs for sure get those tears going and cheeks hurting from smiling too much.

Parent Dance Songs: Whether it's a mother and her child or a father and his child these special moments always pull on my heartstrings. It could be the first dance ever shared between a parent and their child.

Reception AKA Dance floor time!!!: Have you heard of your vibe attracts your tribe? If so, here's a playlist for the ones that don't want to stop having a good time with some ultimate throwbacks.

So there you have it - some playlists for the big day!

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